Group Excursions
Group Excursions

Exclusively Us – Group Excursion

A successful meeting is a well-rounded meeting that balances productivity with creativity and hard work with hard play. Here in Waukesha Pewaukee, your group can delight in a variety of unique, historic, fun-filled outings. Ask our Sales Team how you can build one or more of our “Exclusively Us” excursions into your itinerary.

(To view the complete list of activities, download the Exclusively Us PDF)

Exclusively Us

Must Stop & Shop – Group Excursion

What’s your group in the mood for tonight? Maybe libations after the event, followed by some mouthwatering cuisine with a great view of a sunset over Pewaukee Lake, topped off with some delightful boutique shopping or even live music? Well then, Waukesha Pewaukee would like to tell you: okay, okay and okay (and ask, what are you doing tomorrow night?)! For tips and recommendations on making the most of your off hours, contact our Sales Team to learn more about our “Must Stop and Shop” excursions.

(To view the complete list of activities, download the Must Stop & Shop PDF)

Must Stop & Shop

Band Together – Group Excursion

How can you inspire your meeting — and your organization’s employees or members — to achieve greater? By inspiring them to achieve it together. Fortunately for you, Waukesha Pewaukee has created our exclusive “Band Together” excursions designed specifically for events that hope to create a more passionate, shared mission by creating passionate team members. Just ask our (passionate!) Sales Team today.

(To view the complete list of activities, download the Band Together PDF)

Band Together